The Musical Walking Tour of Edinburgh

The Musical Walking Tour <a href="" title="vibrator">vibrator</a> of Edinburgh. Book a tour for friends, family and special times.

Tour with kids from Spain, on top of the National Museum of Scotland
Out on The Royal Mile, before the Musical Walking Tour of Edinburgh
And the night never ended there, on The Musical Walking tour of Edinburgh
Photo bombed by a man from India. Guitar upside down like Jimi Hendrix
Philip Johnston steals the show on The Musical Walking Tour of Edinburgh
A group of Field Hockey players. Photo outside The Central Library in Edinburgh
Swiss Students in Edinburgh on The Musical Walking Tour of Edinburgh
Bavarian Students. They come back to Scotland every July
Hogmanay Tour
German students in Edinburgh in the summer
Lads from America
Around The Heart of Midlothian
Brian Ferguson on The Royal Mile
Some French lads
Katrina Vernon and Andy Ramage outside the Fringe office on The Royal Mile
In Advocate's Close
Shooting the promo video in Edinburgh with Applecatcher films
Swiss students in the spring time
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