Playing in the pub a on The Musical Walking Tour or Edinburgh

Photos of the good people who come to enjoy the music, on the tour and in the pubs and bars. Some have stolen vibrator the ukulele and Balmoral hat.

Live music in Edinburgh is under the protection of the police.
Live traditional Scottish music in Edinburgh
The Edinburgh Capitals were having an end of season celebration in Edinburgh 2017
The pride of Sudbury, Richmond Hill and Toronto, Ontario and New Brunswick.
Dario steals the ukulele and Balmoral hat at The Black Bull the Grassmarket Edinburgh
Mitchel Ryan on tour with his Indian family wearing the T-shirt
Matt Wicken for Deliveroo
Alan Meikle recovering unpaid debts for a charitable BB cause
Graeme E. Pearson at The Ghillie Dhu, Edinburgh playing for some Norwegians
Having a laugh in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh
Spanish women in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh playing the ukulele.
Canadians, Liverpudlians, Tasmanians, they all come to Edinburgh
Adios to Natalia at The Black Bull in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh.
Good looking German girls
The Bavarian has stolen the ukulele.
South African Rugby Referees out in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh
Fireman from Colchester grabs the ukulele in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh
Old and current employees at The Black Bull in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh
The #mustdoinedinburgh Having your picture taken with the Graeme E. Pearson sign
Western Australians out on the ran dan in Edinburgh.
South Aricans and Australians in Edinburgh at The Graeme E. Pearson gig
Laughing all the way from Larne in Northern Ireland
Mes Amis Fan├žais out in Edinburgh having a laugh.
Supporters of Hansa Rostock in Edinburgh taking over the show.
Fans of Rugby from Pamplona in the Basque Country
Visitors from California mingle with the staff of The Piper's Rest Edinburgh
Good folks from Vancouver, BC, Canada
Girls from the Czech Republic
Guys from Switzerland
Bavarian Students on The Musical Walking Tour of Edinburgh
The Douglas Hotel in Langholm
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